ARI Solar in CPM2017 (CSPPLAZA)

  • ARI Solar in CPM2017 (CSPPLAZA)

    ARI Solar in CPM2017 (CSPPLAZA)

    ARI Solar in CPM2017 (CSPPLAZA)

    On December 28th, 2016, the Leaders Summit on Developing China CSP Demonstration Projects (CPM2017), organized by CSPPLAZA, was held in Dunhuang, China.

    The event was attended by over 500 delegates from more than 230 companies, mostly involved in the 20 demonstration projects of different CSP technologies, which must be put into operation before 2019 to enjoy the 1.15 yuan/kWh solar thermal power benchmark price offered by the Chinese Government.

    ARI Solar was in CPM2017, where there was evidence of the formidable strength of the emerging thermal solar industry in the Asian giant. In the context of this Summit, ARI Solar is finalizing commercial agreements to collaborate in these plants.

    In the words of ARI Solar EMEA Regional Director, Mr. Emilio Murcia, “China is finally living the awakening of thermal solar energy, and the step forward is irreversible because the Chinese Government’s commitment to clean energy is ambitious, firm and with continuity over time. ARI Solar contributes to ensuring the success in the commissioning and operation of the first group of CSP demonstrators: on one hand, ARI Solar engineering services are invaluable to anticipate solutions and avoid delays; on the other hand, we are noting the interest that our knowledge and innovation in heliostat fields has raised in the owners of the nine demonstration projects with tower technology, which totalize 685 MW of installed power”.

    Emilio Murcia

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      Es inspirador ver a ARI Solar participar activamente en iniciativas globales como la Cumbre de Líderes sobre el Desarrollo de Proyectos de Demostración CSP de China. La transición hacia la energía limpia es un esfuerzo global y empresas como ARI Solar y están desempeñando un papel crucial en este cambio. La colaboración entre empresas y gobiernos es esencial para el éxito de estos proyectos. Esperamos ver más de estos esfuerzos conjuntos en el futuro. ¡Gracias por compartir esta valiosa información!


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